Welcome to the NMSU bridge between faculty and ICT staff.

This website is meant to be a collection of useful information for researchers and is designed to address a broad array of technological topics. If you would like to see additional information collected here or if you have a question or concern, please contact me.  If I’m unable to answer it, I will put you in touch with someone who can.


Current activities:

  • Adding the XSEDE software stack to Joker, the campus HPC, and transforming system into a “stepping stone” environment to XSEDE
  • Gathering a team of graduate students.  If you’re interested in the area, please email me.
  • Meet and greets with departments
    • I’ve met with 24 departments as of Nov 28th and plan to meet with 3 more before the end of the Fall semester 2016.  I’ve also met with almost 20 individuals and several heads of departments.
    • If I haven’t made it to your faculty meeting but you’d like to know more, please get in touch or encourage your department head to reach out.
  • Submitted a Cyber Infrastructure Training proposal Jan 2017
  • Generating workshops for training users on Joker (NMSU’s high performance computer)
  • Gathering information about needs on campus regarding:
    • HPC (list-serv for input and user) — You would consider using this if analysis on your desktop computer takes too long.  “Too long” is subjective and can mean anything from several hours to months
    • Data management and storage (list-serv for input and user) — You would consider using this as a way to store/backup your data.  If you’re comfortable with your current system, it may still be of interest.  If you currently don’t backup or are running out of storage space, this is for you.
    • RedCap (list-serv for beta-user and user) — You would consider using this if you have sensitive data (FERPA, PII) that you need to store.  It can also be used for anything that you would store in a database, sensitive or not.
    • NOTE: individuals signed up for INPUT list-servs will help in development of a resource on campus, including voicing opinions on pricing options (if applicable) and access levels.  Those signed up for USER list-servs will be notified when the resource is available and ready to use. These list-servs are not intended to spam anyone and emails will only go out occasionally.

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To contact me:

dugasdvt at nmsu.edu
Computer Center Rm 202