Through the generosity of the students of NMSU and the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC), NMSU is going to get a campus license for Matlab.

Click here for the software!

This means several important changes you may need to be aware of:

  • The campus license allows for 50 toolboxes to be made available to everyone on campus (student, staff, faculty for use on all campus and personal computers).

  • If you are currently paying SMS fees, your account will be frozen and you will be forced to join the campus license on August 1st.  A frozen account means that *if* the campus license is not renewed, you will be able to pick up your old SMS fees without having to pay back-fees.  This means you will have saved yourself X years of SMS fees and see no immediate increase in those fees if the campus license ceases.
  • The campus license does not distinguish between classroom and research use.  As long as it is not being used for commercial purposes, you may use it.
  • Matlab will be found on all lab computers.

We hope to get the Matlab reps on campus beginning of Fall 2017 to promote awareness and spread information about MatLab and how it can be integrated into teaching and research.



(Accurate as of May 18, 2017; will be updated regularly as more data becomes available)
Q: Who can use the campus license of MatLab? What computer can I put it on? How many copies can I have?
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Q: When does the license start?
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Q: I have an active MatLab license, and I'm getting a weird message now. What's going on?
Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about the campus license? What is a TAH?
Q: What's going on? I thought the university was poor? / I've been asking for this for years! Why now?
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