Collaboration Tools

For sensitive* data file storage

Name Description For Free Good For… Bad For…
OneDrive and SharePoint Collaborate with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote; works on mobile devices Comes as a part of your NMSU account — 1TB of space available Sharing M.Office files  Macs – the app works, but not well
RedCap A web-interface survery and database management software Coming soon! Storing FERPA and PII information as well as anything you’d use a database for; secure; allows varying degrees of access for users

For non-sensitive* data file storage

Name Description For Free Good For… Bad For…
Google Drive Repository for Microsoft Office-like files; Can share files; Mobile app available 15GB free for Microsoft Office-like files Sharing files and simultaneous editing; Allows for messaging Data files; only Microsoft Office files can be uploaded/converted
Trello Board and list-based interface; Basic integrations with Box, Drive, and Dropbox; Mobile app available Unlimited boards, lists, attachments, etc; File attachments up to 10MB Managing teams, generating lists and activities; Allows for messaging Simultaneous editing
Slack Conversation-based collaborations; Can share files; Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box can be linked; Mobile app available 5GB free for storing shared files for a team Sharing files and data; Allows for messaging Simultaneous editing
Dropbox Repository for all types of files; Can share folders; Mobile app available 2GB free for storing all types of files Sharing files and data Simultaneous editing (can do, but doesn’t work well)
GitHub Repository for various topics Free if work is public or the lab is registered as an academic institution Community sourcing; Allowing teams to work together May be cumbersome to add people to groups
Overleaf LaTeX integrated writing platform Free for 1GB storage space (up to 60 files) Simultaneous editing; works in LaTeX Simultaneous editing — hard to follow changes if several are editing, but it is possible to do so

*Sensitive data would be classified as anything FERPA or PII.