Data Storage and Management

For data management plans:

NMSU has lib guides for creating data management plans for your grant submissions.  These do not however have templates on how NMSU researchers should be addressing these criteria (yet).


For data storage and management:


If you have FERPA or PII sensitive data, ICT will be setting up and supporting RedCap.  It is a web-based, SQL-backboned survey and database management system.  Anything that you might store in a database can be stored by RedCap.  It is ideal for sharing information between labs, departments, and institutions.  Anyone may enter the information, but only those with access may retrieve it.  Access can be granulized to allow various levels of access to specific users.



Everyone has access to 1TB free storage space on OneDrive. ¬†To access, go to and enter your credentials. ¬†Under the lauchpad, click on the “Office 360 (Email)” link.


Then click in the upper left corner to access OneDrive.



MetaData — How to think about it

Metadata is a combination of keywords, descriptions, and other information that allows data to be discovered, understood, and use.  Metadata allows researchers to document relevant information about data that will allow for easily finding that data at a later time from archives or your own computer.

Certain questions should be considered while collecting data.  Each of these should be recorded, if possible.

  • Who?
    • Researchers and sponsors; what is each’s responsibility and role?
  • What?
    • What was measured? ¬†Units?
  • Where?
    • Geographic location
  • When?
    • Date, time
  • Why?
    • Reason for data collection; limitations
  • How?
    • What was used? ¬†Instruments, sensors, algorithms, software, methods, etc
  • Access?
    • Licensing terms, embargo, privacy concerns



More Information Coming Soon…