NMSU staff and faculty have the ability to purchase Dropbox accounts at discounted prices for university purposes.

 EDU accountsBusiness Advanced
Storage amount:Group storage; each account brings 16GB with a current pool of 4.5TB; current soft-limit of 100GB per personUnlimited
Best for:Small numbers or sizes of files; sharing with collaboratorsLarge numbers or sizes of files; “back ups” of lab computers and/or data; sharing with collaborators
Requests for accounts are put on a waitlist.  At the beginning of the month, accounts will be purchased for those on the waitlist.  To be put on the waitlist, please email the index to be billed, the number of accounts requested, the account type, and associated email address(es).  If you need to create a lab email, please contact Diana Dugas (dugasdvt [at] nmsu.edu or x6-6498) and I can advise you on how to proceed.


NMSU account questions
Q: What do I need to do to get an NMSU dropbox account?
Q: When will I get an account?
Q: What is my user name?
Q: My NMSU password won't work. What's going on?
Q: Will I automatically be invited?
Q: Is anyone able to get these accounts? Who can get these accounts?
Q: What does shared storage mean? Can other people see my files?
Transferring to NMSU account questions
Q: I have a personal dropbox account using an nmsu.edu email address. I want to change the nmsu.edu email to an NMSU account and keep my personal dropbox account personal. How do I do this?
Q: I have a personal dropbox account using an nmsu.edu email address. Most/all of my documents are NMSU-related. Do I need to do anything?
Q: I have a personal dropbox account using a personal email address. I want to change my personal email dropbox account to an NMSU account because most of what I have is NMSU-business related anyway. How do I do this?
Q: I want to have both a personal and NMSU dropbox account. Is this possible?
Q: How can I move between the two accounts? Do I need to log in and back out all the time?
Q: I don't want NMSU to have access to my personal information/pay for my personal account, but I need an NMSU account for work. How do I do this? Can I do this?
Q: I'm paying for my dropbox account right now. What happens when I switch to an NMSU account? Do I get money back? Where does it go? Who gets the refund?
General account questions
Q: I need to share a lot of my files. Can I do that across dropbox account types?
Q: What about HIPAA?
Q: What is file sync?
Q: I'm confused by/need help with the desktop client or webpage.
Q: My Dropbox question wasn't answered. Any advice?
Please, just help me!
Q: I'm feeling overwhelmed and need someone to explain Dropbox to me.
Q: I'm confused about these options and how they might work for what I need. What do I do?
Q: Can I just talk to a human about this??