Sharable Equipment

Equipment is often expensive to purchase and sometimes not fully utilized; allowing members of the research community access to these devices is a way of taking full advantage of the machine.  If your lab has equipment that you are willing to allow others to use, please let me know.

Disclaimer: The following list is a collection of resources available here on campus where the PI has agreed to allow limited use for other researchers.  The presence of a device on this list does not mean that it will be available at the time you wish to use it, as the lab who owns it will have first priority on the machine. It is left to the labs to negotiate time and conditions of use.  This is simply a list of resources; not a binding contract to allow others to use the equipment listed.


Type of equipment Description Contact person Department/Group
3D printer Ultimaker Zach Toups Computer Science
Variety of instruments for chemical analysis (ex:FT-ICR MS, LC/MS, UPLC, GC/MS, ICP/MS) Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation Laboratory Contacts ACES
Cell and Organism Core Facility (COCF) a restricted BSL2 laboratory and equipment for exclusively growing and culturing cells in a contamination free area John Cavaretta RISE
Confocal Imager  Confocal stage incubator, HyD detector, and notch filters on the Leica TCS SP5 II Huiyao Wang (CURRL Facility) RISE
SEM and AFM Sample Preparation  Automated Critical Point Drying Apparatus (Tousimis) Huiyao Wang (CURRL Facility) RISE
Epifluorescent Imager  Coolsnap MYO digital black and white camera system Bleu Knight RISE
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)  Mid-column mount TEM camera to capture images from the Hitachi H-7650  Huiyao Wang (CURRL Facility) RISE
 TEM Sample Preparation  Freeze-substitution kit and ultramicrotome segment arc accessory  Huiyao Wang (CURRL Facility) RISE
 Protein purification  AKTA pure L (base unit) FPLC Protein purification system; UNICORN 6.3.2 workstation (computer + software to drive the AKTA); column valve; outlet valve kit; Fraction Collector F9-R; refrigerated cabinet  Erik Yukl RISE