Conferences and workshops

Webinars coming soon:


Past webinars:

Matlab Campus License — What does this mean for you? — June 14th, 1-2:30p, Product list and recorded webinar, slides are still forthcoming

CIA webinars/workshops:

Introduction to SuperComputing — April 6th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; Link to webcast recording and slides
Intermediate Linux — April 13th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; Handout and webcast recording.  We apologize for the microphone being off at the beginning.  Sound picks up at 10:35, but we have retained the silent portion so you can see the slides prior to this point.
Introduction to Joker (Part 1) — Orientation and software — April 20th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; Slurm Cheatsheet, worksheet and Sbatch template; Link to webcast recording and slides. Please note that the end of the workshop experienced a loss of signal and roughly 5 minutes of the workshop are missing.  We apologize for this.
Introduction to Joker (Part2) — Getting the most out of the slurm scheduler — April 27th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; test.cmd file, file, slurm cheatsheet, and slides. Link to the webcast recording.

Other Webinars:
Parallel R — Slides and code from the webinar
Introduction to Python — Code and information from the webinar
Introduction to Matplotlib — a Python-based 2D plotting library; useful and attractive plots can be created with not-too-much effort; used this notebook
How to Use a Supercomputer — slides


Conferences and Workshops

Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing — July 9 – 13, 2017, New Orleans, LA

ISC High Performance — June 18 – 22, 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

RMACC HPC Symposium — August 15-17, 2017, Boulder, CO

SC17 (Supercomputing17) — November 12-17, 2017, Denver, CO

Chem 536 — February 3 & February 10, 2017; Please note that this presentation is still being improved and may change dramatically.  If you need clarification or help, please visit us during Office Hours


Funding Agency Conferences

Past: NSF — November 14-15, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA, and will be hosted by Carnegie Mellon University