Conferences and workshops

Webinars coming soon:


Past webinars:

Matlab Campus License — What does this mean for you? — June 14th, 1-2:30p, Product list and recorded webinar, slides are still forthcoming

CIA webinars/workshops:

Introduction to SuperComputing — April 6th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; Link to webcast recording and slides
Intermediate Linux — April 13th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; Handout and webcast recording.  We apologize for the microphone being off at the beginning.  Sound picks up at 10:35, but we have retained the silent portion so you can see the slides prior to this point.
Introduction to Discovery (Part 1) — Orientation and software — April 20th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; Slurm Cheatsheet, worksheet and Sbatch template; Link to webcast recording and slides. Please note that the end of the workshop experienced a loss of signal and roughly 5 minutes of the workshop are missing.  We apologize for this.
Introduction to Discovery (Part2) — Getting the most out of the slurm scheduler — April 27th, 3-4p in Hardman Jacobs Rm 206; test.cmd file, file, slurm cheatsheet, and slides. Link to the webcast recording.

Other Webinars:
Parallel R — Slides and code from the webinar
Introduction to Python — Code and information from the webinar
Introduction to Matplotlib — a Python-based 2D plotting library; useful and attractive plots can be created with not-too-much effort; used this notebook
How to Use a Supercomputer — slides


Conferences and Workshops

Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing — July 9 – 13, 2017, New Orleans, LA

ISC High Performance — June 18 – 22, 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

RMACC HPC Symposium — August 15-17, 2017, Boulder, CO

SC17 (Supercomputing17) — November 12-17, 2017, Denver, CO

Chem 536 — February 3 & February 10, 2017; Please note that this presentation is still being improved and may change dramatically.  If you need clarification or help, please visit us during Office Hours


Additional Videos

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Introduction to HPC covers motivation for HPC, hardware concepts and architectures.
    • Parallel Programming Concepts introduces parallel programming concepts: process and threads, the role of the operating system, shared memory, distributed memory, and hybrid approaches.
    • Future Of HPC provides a brief overview of the future of HPC and the challenges introduce for HPC users.
  • Slurm and Batch Scripting
    • XSEDE tutorial for getting started using XSEDE Super-computing resources.
    • XSEDE New User Training. This video provides an overview of what XSEDE has to offer and how you can start your XSEDE project allocation. Also, this video provides useful information such as user guide, connect to a remote resource, data transfer, and run computational jobs. Finally, this video discusses XSEDE allocation policy.


Funding Agency Conferences

Past: NSF — November 14-15, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA, and will be hosted by Carnegie Mellon University