Meet the Team

Diana Toups Dugas

dianaI’m Diana V.T. Dugas, NMSU’s CyberInfrastructure Architect and a trained plant geneticist, who shifted into bioinformatics.  My first scientific loves were plant microRNAs, which were recognized the same year I started my PhD work at Rice University. They planted my love for all nucleotides, specifically RNA.  Most recently, I worked with the plant species Leucaena to explore the transcriptome with Donovan Bailey here at NMSU.  I have used various HPC/HTCs (High Performance Computer/High Throughput Computer), specifically Stampede and Bridges, both XSEDE resources. I am in the process of becoming an XSEDE Campus Champion, which means I can help familiarize you with the XSEDE resources and get you set up on the systems.

My mission in this grant-funded position is to bring more attention and resources to the need for computational support for researchers on campus, and I answer directly to NMSU’s CIO.  I am here to help researchers decrease technological and computational boundaries in their research, by improving access to both local and national HPC/HTCs, support granting activities, and being a general resource for campus researchers. My position was created to give researchers a louder voice on campus with regards to services and support to aid in research.

Tracey Fernandez

traceyMy name is Tracey Fernandez and I’m working on my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering, here at NMSU’s Klipsch School of Electrical Engineering, where I also received my Bachelor of Science. My primary academic focus is in Computer Architecture with a secondary interest in Controls and Control Systems. My research is in methods to improve CPU core performance at the current physical limitations. I’m very excited to be working on the CIA team in helping to successfully deliver our mission. This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge on HPC/HTCs. After academia, I would like to teach at the post-secondary level.

Jelena Karapetrovic [Currently working as a TA in Civil Engineering]

jelenaMy name is Jelena Karapetrovic and I am a graduate student in the Department of Civil Engineering, area of Transportation. I work as both Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant. I am a person who does not hesitate to adopt innovative views and technologies, understand them thoroughly and take advantage of them. I have a strong commitment to the engineering career that I have chosen.

Omnia Mazroa

omniaMy name is Omnia Mazroa and I am a graduate student in the Industrial Engineering department. The field is mainly based on building mathematical and simulation models which represent the actual systems and provide solutions to improve the facility’s performance.

Finding an optimal solution for these models is challenging and require long running time due to their complexity. And because industry problems cannot wait too long, we need to find reliable solutions that help managers take appropriate decisions in a reasonable time.

Working with CIA will improve my knowledge regarding the use of the HPC and will help me to get prepared for my future goals. Since my career goal after graduation is to work as a research assistant directly with industry. I also have the opportunity to transform the knowledge I gain to other researchers so they can approach their projects more efficiently.

Amil Saifullah

amilI am Z M “Amil” Saifullah, PhD candidate in Electrical engineering department at Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NMSU. I have completed my Master’s Degree (MSEE) from the same department. My research current research area is Integrated Circuit design, specifically in analog/power management VLSI area. I am also actively involved in Computer Architecture research. I would like to see myself get involved in active research in industry once I finish my PhD.

As the world is leaning towards computational area, I would like to gather knowledge on HPC so that I can relate my research work with HPC. This is one of the reason for me to join CIA team. Other than that, pkgsrc itself motivated me to join HPC team.

PoChou Su

I am Po-Chou Su,  a PhD candidate  at the department of Electrical and  Computer Engineering. My PhD research topic is on main memory system simulation models. Our research purpose is to strike a balance between speed and accuracy, as detailed simulators take days or weeks to generate results, and simple models are insufficient to represent modern complex main memory system behaviors. Our  framework provides a fast performance prediction and is robust and easy to adapt to model various main memory systems, including  3D-stacked DRAM like  Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), or Wide I/O I&II, and non-volatile memory like Phase Change Memory (PCM).   My research interests are in computer architecture, high performance computing, and software modeling.

Mohammed Tanash

mohammedMy Name is Mohammed Tanash, I am pursuing my interdisciplinary Doctorate degree in Computer Science (CS) and Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Mexico State University (NMSU). My Interdisciplinary research area focus on monitoring the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) part of the application (e.g., bench-marks applications, proxy, mini-applications, or real applications) and integrating that data (e.g., performance, resource utilization) into the overall monitoring data of the application. This work focus on applications that have some of their computation on an FPGA, and will create ways of monitoring the FPGA part of the computation. Therefore, we can improve execution and performance understanding of the application as a whole.

I received my M.S. in CS from the NMSU, and my M.S. in Information Technology from the University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia. I worked individually and with teams in many projects in Computer Science field that can support my knowledge in the techniques used in HPC and Software Engineering (SE). I served as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant in the CS Department at NMSU, and received the 2014 Best Teaching Assistant award. I also served as a vice president for CS Graduate Students Organization at NMSU.

I joined CIA team because HPC is my passion and I want to gain experience and learn more and more about HPC, which will help me in my research and my career in the future, since my goal after graduating is to be a part of a team working on HPC in a research lab in the industry. My areas of interests are in HPC and SE.

Strahinja Trecakov

strahinjaI am Strahinja Trecakov, a graduate student at the Computer Science Department here at NMSU. My research interests are in Network Security, Internet of Things (IoT), and Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network. In my latest research, I was testing security and privacy of few IoT devices.

Beside my passion for Computer Security, I am also really passionate about tennis. I was a member of NMSU Tennis team for 4 years, and currently I am serving the team as an Assistant Coach.

The reason I joined CIA team is to expend my knowledge about High Performance Computers(HPC) and maybe discover my new passion. Moreover, I would like to introduce HPC to our campus researchers and help them do computational testing’s more efficient.


More coming soon…

If you’re interested in joining, please contact me at dugasdvt AT nmsu DOT edu